How to Use GA4 for Marketing

You're probably aware that Google Analytics users will be forced to move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 in July this year. This means a lot of changes in the way your Google Analytics is set up.

We get it; change is never fun. However, this switch will allow marketers the ability to gain access to a ton of new data and customize their data based on their goals. 

Our free, in-depth guide will provide a blueprint on everything a marketer needs to know to understand why Universal Analytics is being sunsetted, how to make the switch successfully, and how to get started on the new platform.


In this free guide, you'll learn:

What Google Analytics 4 is and why Universal Analytics is being sunsetted

The new features and benefits of GA4 for marketers

How to set up GA4 and migrate your data

In today's analytical landscape, marketers need to navigate new challenges to understand the  multi-platform journeys of their leads and customers. The release of GA4 addresses these evolving analytic standards and helps marketers succeed. 

Download the free guide for everything you need to know about making your GA4 migration super smooth.

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Google Analytics 4: An In-Depth Guide for Marketers